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German courses

Intensive course

Duration: 4 weeks

Level: A1 / A2 / B1 / B2

Perfect for anybody who wants to complete one level as fast as possible. Very intensive but with maximum success.

Monday – Thursday (3h daily)
9:00 – 12:00

Semi-intensive course

Duration: 5-10 weeks, depending on level

Level: A1 / A2 / B1 / B2

For anybody who wants to complete one level with a comfortable speed, 2 times a week. Convenient alongside family, studies or work.  

Monday + Wednesday  or
Tuesday + Thursday (2h daily)
10:00 – 12:00

Evening course

Duration: 10 weeks

Level: A1 / A2 / B1 / B2 / C1

Ideal beside your studies or career, you can complete one level with a moderate speed over 3 months, two times a week in the evening.

Monday + Wednesday  or
Tuesday + Thursday (2h daily)
18:15 – 20:15

Conversation course

Duration: 4 - 8 weeks

Level: A2 / B1 / B2 / C1

The conversation course is for all students who already have a knowledge of the German language and who want to converse once a week with other students about current topics to improve their vocabulary and enhance their language practice.

1 – 2 x per week
2 – 3 hours

ÖSD-Preparatory course

Duration: 4 weeks

Level: B1, B2, C1

In the preparatory courses for the ÖSD-exams, an ÖSD-certified teacher presents the modalities of the exam and discusses and exercises the different modules – reading, listening, writing and speaking – with the students during private and individually personalized units. Various model exams allow an ideal preparation at home, which can be discussed individually with the teacher. The exam itself has to be taken in one of the numerous ÖSD-centers at Vienna.


Special subject course

Duration: 2-4 units

Level: A1 / A2 / B1 / B2 / C1

Once a week a special subject of the german language will be presented. This may be a chapter of the grammar, vocabulary for one specific theme, a film or insights into the austrian dialect and culture. On the homepage you will get informed every week about the topic and the required german level. Registration possible by e-mail until 2 days before course.

1x per week 2-4 units
In the afternoons


14.01.2019 - 13.03.2019

A2.1. (mon/wed) Semi-intensive course 09:30-11:30 € 430,-


14.01.2019 - 27.03.2019

B2.2. (mon/wed) Evening course 18:15-20:15 € 540,-


15.01.2019 - 14.03.2019

A1.2. (tues/thu) Semi-intensive course 10:00-12:00 € 430,-


15.01.2019 - 04.04.2019

B1.1. (tues/thu) Evening course 18:15-20:15 € 540,-


15.01.2019 - 28.03.2019

B1.1. (tues/thu) Semi-intensive course 10:00-12:00 € 540,-


15.01.2019 - 04.04.2019

B1.2. (tues/thu) Evening course 18:15-20:15 € 540,-


15.01.2019 - 28.03.2019

B2.2. (tues/thu) Conversation course 10:00-12:00 € 540,-


21.01.2019 - 13.03.2019

A1.1. (mon/wed) Semi-intensive course 10:00-12:00 € 380,-


21.01.2019 - 13.03.2019

A1.1. (mon/wed) Evening course 18:15-20:15 € 380,-


21.01.2019 - 20.03.2019

A2.1. (mon/wed) Evening course 18:15-20:15 € 430,-


21.01.2019 - 03.04.2019

B1.2. (mon/wed) Semi-intensive course 10:00-12:00 € 540,-


22.01.2019 - 19.03.2019

A2.2. (tues/thu) Evening course 18:15-20:15 € 400,-


25.01.2019 - 05.04.2019

B1+ (fri) Conversation course 10:00-13:00 € 400,-


01.02.2019 - 28.02.2019

B1,B2,C1 ÖSD-Preparatory course individual



For your first registration, please come to the office for a personal evaluation of your German level.

If you can already determine your level with certainty, you can register here any time:

I accept the privacy policy.

Due to the intimate, personal and alternative ambience of the Pizzera Sprachakademie, we can offer all course levels, though just those with the highest registration will be available in any given month. If enough students register for a given level, then we will make that level happen! First come, first serve with one of the unique places at Pizzera Sprachakademie.


The fee depends on the length of the course.

One teaching unit (45 min.) costs € 10,-

(including tax, certifications, books, copies, extra material)


Individual fees:

ÖSD preparation: individual consultation

60 min. private lesson: € 60,-

Surcharge additional student: € 15,-

Cancellation conditions: Cancellations are free of charge until 1 week before start of the course. After that we have to charge, additionally to the attended classes, € 80,- for the cancellation. We do not refund missed teaching units.


Pizzera Sprachakademie

Stollgasse 6/3, 1070 Vienna

Telephone: +43 / (0)664 / 5846955

Opening hours

Individual consulting with advance reservation. Courses: mon-fri 10:00 – 12:00 / mon-thu 18:00 – 21:00

We respect your privacy.


The Academy

MMag.a Johanna Pizzera

Academic studies of Romance languages French, Italian and Spanish in Graz, Vienna and Milan.
German tutoring in upper schools in Paris and Aix-en-Provence. Several years of tutoring in Vienna institutions and academies.

About me

During and after my studies I spent a lot of time abroad and got to know personally all the challenges that come with life in a new city with a foreign language. It’s not only essential to learn a new language, but also to understand a new culture, to settle into a new environment and to form friendships. I would like to connect all these aspects in my language academy.

The ambience

In contrast to the conventional educational system, the Pizzera Sprachakademie places since 4 years emphasis on the personality and individuality of the students. In classrooms with the feel of a living room and a relaxed atmosphere, students have the opportunity to enjoy themselves and feel comfortable about learning the German language.

The aim

This surrounding field, in combination with creative, innovative methods, brings every student, from beginner to advanced learner, not only the desired success but also a lot of joy, fun and a new feeling of companionship in this foreign living environment.

To know how to do something well
is to enjoy it.

Pearl S. Buck